Alexa Controlling DIRECTV

Alexa Controlling DIRECTV has never been easier with a new update for Alexa that gives the Amazon voice assistant even more power in your living room.

The Video Skills API update announced on the developer blog will let Alexa interact with DIRECTV to record shows with a voice request.

Features like pause, rewind, or mute can also be handled with simple voice commands using the new API, without having to specify which service you’re referring to. “Alexa, pause,” is a lot easier than” Alexa, pause DIRECTTV DVD.”

Rather than fumbling through menus with your remote, you can now just say “Alexa, record the Yankees game,” and it will be cued up and ready to view when you return home.

Customers are increasingly using voice interfaces as a hands-free way to manage their lives. By using Alexa’s built-in video content controls, customers on millions of Alexa devices only have to “ask” for your content and it’s at their command, often becoming a daily habit. By integrating with the Video Skill API, it will be easier for you to engage with your video content in your home.

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