Baseball and DIRECTV

April. The most glorious time of the year for baseball. Watching baseball with DIRECTV offers you the most HDTV games than any other provider.

You can follow your favorite teams on that journey from wherever you are. Your good at home or on the road with DIRECTV.

The biggest divisional rivalries. The toughest pitching matchups. Don’t miss them or watch with poor picture quality.

Baseball DIRECTV

With DIRECTV’s Genie DVR, the most advanced digital receiver on the market today, you have ultimate control over your home entertainment.

Record up to four programs at once while still watching live television. Only DIRECTV can make that offer and it’s due to the technology within the Genie DVR receiver.

The most HDTV channels available. DIRECTV beats out their competition on channel lineup and broadcast picture quality.

Baseball DIRECTV

Integration of Smart Voice Commands through your smart and connected home is also making it easier for you to control DIRECTV with voice commands.

DIRECTV has always been rated #1 in picture quality and will continue to remain the dominate player in home entertainment solutions.