Netflix for Business

Netflix for Business

Business mentor and educator, Dale Beaumont, has launched a new platform touted as the ‘Netflix for Business’ aimed at the 800 million people worldwide who are business owners. Named, Bizversity, the platform is an app compatible with mobiles, tablets and TV, like Netflix, but instead of dealing with the realm of entertainment, it hosts more than 1000 on-demand business training videos after partnering with 250 business experts.


Broken into channels, users can find videos on over 80 topics. From SEO, how to create new leads, to easy to follow “how-to” technology software guides that you can implement in your business, Bizversity is ultimately about saving business owners time and money.

With Netflix’s stock price up more than 65 percent since the start of this year and subscriber numbers nearing 125 million, it seems that Bizversity has launched at an opportune time.

The company was first founded back in 2016 by Dale Beaumont after two years of content creation and software development, with the subscription service now being ready. In terms of content, early research showed that video offered people the best way to learn with Beaumont spending more than a million dollars of his own money to build a TV studio.

Netflix for Business

In the early stages of development, Dale realized the world didn’t need another website but rather a platform that was better suited to the fast-paced, mobile nature of business people today. This led to the creation of two dedicated mobile and tablet Apps (iOS and Android), which offer users a set of features that he says, you just can’t get via the web.

“I’ve spent the last 10 years training entrepreneurs through live events and workshops.  While it has been amazing, there are still millions of businesses out there that fail each and every year”, says Dale.

Currently, Bizversity is free and these videos are accessible to anyone, on-demand, via their smartphone app but in the middle of 2018, the company will be launching their paid subscription service via a freemium model.

“We set out to build a product where business owners didn’t need to travel, attend events or cater to those who couldn’t afford a business coach. It was then one of my users during the beta testing stage said this is great, it’s like Netflix for business.”

Within minutes, business owners will be learning how to market and make more sales, improve cash flow, profits and productivity all while also becoming a better manager.

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